My mission is

to show you the beauty

that the world has to offer.

And to help you to capture world’s beauty on your own.

My journey with photography started in Botswana. There, I was an intern at a newspaper company. I accompanied the photographers there and that is how I got introduced to professional photography. After this episode, I went to India and taught photography to teenagers from poor families. I worked with the company Fairmail that enables the teens to earn money through photography.

Back in Germany, I did a photographer’s assistant course at an academy. During that time, more and more people asked me to take pictures of them, so after a while, I started an official business. I mainly do photoshoots in the area around Stuttgart, but sometimes also in other places in Germany or abroad.

At the moment, I offer photography for families, couples and single portraits. I teach photography and sell prints. My favorites are wedding photo shoots, when I can accompany couples on their special day!

I like vivid colours and want the viewer to concentrate on the main motive, the people that I photograph. The more natural it looks, the better. That is the reason why I mostly avoid too many posed pictures. It is important that you enjoy yourself in front of the camera and have fun!

I want to support the development of a healthy self-perception and a positive attitude towards one’s own body. That is why I do not change the size and height of a person via Photoshop. I have a couple of girlfriends who used to suffer from eating disorders- this made me want to support natural beauty and avoid conveying the unrealistic body standards of the modelling industry.

In case you are interested to be photographed or coached by me, or you have an interesting project for me to work on, please get in touch through the contact form.

I am looking forward to getting to know you!


This is what is on my heart

I put my heart into my work.

I believe that time is valuable, so I cherish the moments that people give to me.

I trust people a lot and I feel honoured when someone trusts me.

I value good, professional design. I love nature, reading,  discovering new languages and cultures.

I am a constant learner.

Many travels make me thankful for what I have.

Family and friends are my tribe. My faith in Jesus is my hope.


Being a photographer, you’ll see my soul in the photos I took.
For photoshoots and my thoughts on life, check out my blog.


My passion:

Discovering beauty, sharing my discoveries


helping you to do the same.