Introducing to you my new blog series.

One thing that really makes me happy:

happy, loving couples.

Not the kind of couples that share their details of their relationship online and brag about how extremly happy they are with their significant other…

No, the couples where I can sense a genuine love and trust between the two. The ones that are really comfortable with one and other, that are authentic in their struggles, but still both comitted to make things work. The couples where you can sense that divorce isn’t and never will be an option, because they decided to go all in. The ones that know about the flaws of their other half, but who choose to not let those flaws shine brighter than the strengths and talents that this person has.

Love is something beautiful and such marriages and relationships like described above… they exist!

I have had so many talks about relationships and people have asked me many times for relationship advice. I am very humbled by that. Any talk that goes to something so private takes a lot of gut to open up to someone outside. And it needs trust. So here, for all those people that have already asked me about my opinion regarding love & relationships: thank you so much for your trust. I truly appreciate the talks and I also benefitted from them.

Over the years, I was lucky to learn quite a bit about these topics, through the talks, a lot of reading, my own experiences and through observing stable, loving couples. And I am still learning about it, because it is just such a vast topic! Also, there are so many scenarios in a relationship that I have not encountered (yet), like buying a house together and how that affects the relationship. So, there is still much to learn out there for me as well!

For now, I just want to share this little bit that I have learned so far with you.

That is why I am starting this series on my blog. I do not know, how many posts I will write or where this journey will take you and me, but my wish is that you will benefit from it.

Follow me on my journey through first love, heart ache and love until death!


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