Loving Life

I believe that life has so much to offer and that we can all learn from each other.

In this blog, you will find posts from my photoshoots as well as my thoughts on life.

  • How can I stand up against racism?

    Maybe the events in the US and also events in the past in Germany have left you with the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness. Maybe you feel like you just want to create your own little bubble around you where things are positive, safe and [...]

  • Please (don’t) take my photo!

    "I do not want to be in the photo!"- As a photographer, I have of course, heard this sentence many times. Mostly, it is followed with a "I look horrible on photos!" and a refusal to look at my camera. People have different reasons not [...]

  • Hey you, the “other one”

    To the one that is different. To the freak. The one that stands out. The one who is different. You are great! Without you, the world would be so much more boring. People would be look-alikes. Opinions would be all the same. Life [...]

  • Martha & Samuel

    Martha and Samuel- these two had found a wonderful location to do their wedding photoshoot in: an old German castle on a mountain in the middle of the forest. It took us a while to figure out how to get there, this is how [...]

Advice for love, relationships, marriage and all that comes with it.

Love & Relationships|

Introducing to you my new blog series. One thing that really makes me happy: happy, loving couples. Not the kind of couples that share their details of their relationship online and brag about how extremly happy they are with their [...]

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